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Jean-Robert has consistently taken the most brutal beats in televised poker history. He runs so salty, he can bank on it and so can his opponents. If there is only one card in the entire deck that will give his opponent the hand, that card always seems to show up. Jean-Robert has experienced some of the worst bad beats of anyone in the business. In fact, the TV show, Poker After Dark, did a montage of the beats he's taken. They labeled him the "unluckiest player in PAD history".

He is constantly going broke!
But he's not afraid to talk about it.
That is what sets him apart from other poker players.
Maybe that is why so many people love him...he keeps it real.
Even when the cards are beating him down, JRB is basking in the good life. He makes it seem like bad luck is the best thing that ever happened to him.

Why doesn't he suffer like the rest of us?
Maybe he does.
If we pay attention, we just might discover his secret to Being broke and livin' like a millionaire.